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Semantic Search via Entity-Types: The SEMANNOREX Framework

Capturing and exploiting a content's semantic is a key success factor for Web search. To this end, it is crucial to - ideally automatically - extract the core semantics of the data being processed and link this information with some formal representation, such as an ontology. By intertwining both, search becomes semantic by simultaneously allowing end-users a structured access to the data via the underlying ontology. Connecting both, we introduce the SEMANNOREX framework in order to provide semantically enriched access to a news corpus from Websites and Wikinews.

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A. Kumar, Govind and M. Spaniol
Semantic Search via Entity-Types: The SEMANNOREX Framework
Proceedings of the 30th Web Conference (www2021), virtual conference, April 12-23, 2021, pp. 690-694.