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ELEVATE: A Framework for Entity-level Event Diffusion Prediction into Foreign Language Communities

The accessibility to news via the Web or other “traditional” media allows a rapid diffusion of information into almost ev- ery part of the world. These reports cover the full spectrum of events, ranging from locally relevant ones up to those that gain global attention. The societal impact of an event can be relatively easily “measured” by the attention it attracts (e.g. in the number of responses it receives and provokes) in the news or social media. However, this does not necessarily reflect its inter-cultural impact and its diffusion into other communities. In order to address the issue of predicting the spread of information into foreign language communities we introduce the ELEVATE framework. ELEVATE exploits entity information from Web contents and harnesses location related data for language-related event diffusion prediction. Our experiments on event spreading across Wikipedia com- munities of different language demonstrate the viability of our approach and improvement over state-of-the-art approaches.

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